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Hope Bail has been the premier bail bonds office for the greater Las Vegas area for almost two years. We are pleased that almost half of our business comes from happy clients who have referred their loved one’s to us because they TRUST us.

We understand that the majority of folks needing a bail bondsman don’t have a bunch of experience bailing someone out of jail in Las Vegas. That’s why experienced, licensed agents are available at all hours to assist you! No bond is too big or too small for us, and you are always treated like family no matter the circumstance!

Hope Bail agents have been doing bail bonds by Phone in Las Vegas for Years. No one can do bail for Less. No one is Friendlier! No one is Faster! No one is Better!


Whether the call comes in at 2pm or 2am, when someone you know calls you from jail, it’s nerve-racking.  We get that.  Honestly we do.  That’s why you will always get an understanding voice on the other end of the phone when you call us.  You will likely have a ton of questions about the process of getting your friend or family member out of jail.  Not only will we walk you through the process step-by-step, but we’ll do it easily and efficiently.  No question is too difficult or too dumb.  No bail amount is too small or too large—and every client is just as important as the next.  We guarantee to help, service, and advise you as if you are family. 

Likewise, it is a great stress reliever that we will do bail bonds in Las Vegas for the absolute, lowest price allowed by law!  No one can beat our rates, and no one can beat our customer service.  A multitude of positive reviews of our company are easily accessible online.  Reputation matters, and our focus is maintaining our stellar reputation!


Simply put, a bail bond is an agency’s guarantee to a court that the defendant will attend all applicable, required court dates while free from jail, or “out on bail.”  The bail bond company assures the court that the defendant will appear to completion of the case (whether it ends in dismissal, acquittal, conviction, fine, community service requirements, or compulsory classes).  If the defendant misses court, or “skips” out on bail, the court can enforce the bail bond surety agreement and make the agency “forfeit” the full amount of the bail. 

You may be wondering if it makes more sense to bypass the bondsman and pay the jail or court the full bail yourself.  The answer to that is maybe.  Just know there are advantages either way.  If bail is set at say $5,000, you do have the option of paying the court $5,000 in cash or certified funds to start the release process.  You will get back that entire amount (occasionally the court may keep a tiny portion) as long as the defendant attends all court dates on time to completion.  If he or she misses court, or is tardy, you risk losing the whole $5,000 immediately.  If you were to hire a bail agency, you’d pay the state-required 15% premium of $750, and only risk losing the full $5,000 if the bail agency loses the entire $5,000—that is a rarity.  If the defendant misses court, bondsmen are given a length of time (usually 2 months or more) to either have the defendant to get back on calendar with the court, or bring the fugitive back to into custody.  Although the $750 is a non-refundable fee for the bonding company’s service, you lower your risk level of losing the $5,000 outright.  By co-signing on the bond, you are only responsible for out of pocket fees the bail agency pays when the defendant “violates” his bail bond agreement.  Another huge advantage obviously, is the up front cost is significantly lower when hiring a bondsman, especially when we give you the option of financing the 15% bond premium. 


No one in the industry is more flexible than us with payment plans.  With as little as $100 down, we can usually pre-approve any misdemeanor bail bond up to $5,000.  There are even cases where we can bail out your loved one for zero money down!  As long the defendant and co-signer live and work locally (retired folks drawing a pension or full time students qualify many times), have established, solid residence history, and can make steady payments, they are pre-approved!  Payments are then required usually every 2 weeks until the premium is paid While management does reserve all rights in underwriting, over half of our bail is written with such agreements—in other words, we don’t just brag about payment plans just to make the phone ring.  We will not bait ‘n switch you—we promise! 


As long as you are comfortably assured the your loved one will attend court and comply, you have little to fear.  We are not sitting by waiting for the defendant to make a mistake, so we can nickel and dime you.  The only time you are on the hook for more than the 15% premium required by Nevada law, is if the defendant negligently violates the bond.  In essence, if you know the defendant well and trust them to not take advantage of you, things will be ok!  We understand mistakes happen, and even court dates are missed with no ill intent.  That is why your out of pocket expenses when the defendant misses court and gets right back on calendar are little to nothing.  Rarely, in our years of business has a co-signer had to reimburse our bail bond office the full amount of the bond. 

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You likely have a bunch of questions (many that can be answered on our website), but the most common questions we get is “How do bail bonds work? What is the process?”

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A bail bond in it’s simplest sense is a guarantee a bail bondsman makes to the court that a defendant will attend all scheduled court dates and court events while a case is active. The bond is our promise that if the defendant fails in his or her court obligation, we will pay or “forfeit” the face value amount of the bail posted.

Now you may be curious as to how this benefits you, the consumer. When a court sets that bail amount, it is almost certainly too much for the average person to come up with in cash, or is simply too high to practically pay out of pocket. When you hire us, you only need pay 15% of the bail amount while we “front” the whole amount to the jail/court in the form of surety bail. That means if the court sets a bail for your loved one at $5,000, you simply pay us $750 instead of withdrawing cash and carrying it to the jail.

Often times we can even finance the premium for you, so if you cannot make the full 15% premium, we can accept a downpayment and allow you to make no interest payments on a flexible schedule that fits your budget and lifestyle.

We can start the release process over the telephone right now! In many instances, with a quick phone call and phone application process, the Las Vegas area bail bond can be pre-approved after payment of the premium. You won’t even need to leave home or work! Please call for details on our exciting BAIL BY PHONE process.

Finally, here is what ultimately is required of you when you bail someone out: If the defendant is not qualified to sign for himself (adequate residency, employment, credit history, etc.), you may be required to co-sign on his bail agreement. It would entail a 2 page application and several disclosures to be signed. This paperwork can be done at our office, via fax, or even through email. Soon, our forms will be available on our site. We will work with you to make it easy. As long as the defendant goes to court each time while the bond is active or violate his or her bond, you will never be responsible for more than that 15% fee.

In short, there are no added fees. That means there are no runner fees, doc fees, credit card fees, etc associated with your bond regardless if it’s posted in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, or Henderson. Some courts do charge us a bail bond filing fee which may be passed along to you, but that is a fee that the courts keep—not the Las Vegas bail agency. To put it plainly, THERE ARE NO JUNK FEES!

We bail out folks on a wide variety of cases.  We offer bail bonds for traffic bench warrants, misdemeanor crimes such as DUI, battery domestic violence, petit larceny, obstruction, and trespassing, and even felony crimes such as assault, burglary, grand larceny, felony DUI, gun charges, drug charges, and robbery.  We have posted bonds with face values as low as $90 and as high as $200,000—and everywhere in-between.  As long as a court has issued your loved one a bail amount, the odds are extremely high we can get ‘em out fast!

The state sets the mandatory amount at 15% of the bail or $50—whichever is greater.  It is actually illegal for a bail bondsman to charge less or more than this.  Should a company quote you ANY different rate than allowed by law, we urge you to avoid that company.  If they are willing to risk their business by breaking the law, how do you think they’ll treat you and your loved one in the end? 

We are so glad you asked!  First and foremost, we are solution oriented—meaning, from the moment you call, we assume that any customer calling to bail out a loved one is a client we can help.  We are not making you audition for our help.  It’s the other way around.  We are privileged you are choosing to call us, and we value your patronage.  Give us the chance to audition for you!  No one in the bail industry is more creative and willing to find the right solution to get your friend or family member out of jail fast.  If obstacles exist such as financial issues, lack of consistent residence history, or if you are a tourist just visiting, we can usually overcome them together.  We’ll take the time to get the big picture of your situation and offer common-sense guidance to make it happen!  When you call us, we’re on the same team with the same goal—get him or her out of jail and home efficiently and reliably.

For many situations, we can start the process right over the phone and even have the bail posted within 30 minutes of approval.  There is no need to come down to the office right then.  If additional paperwork is needed or a co-signer required, we can get that paperwork after the defendant is out of jail.  You can come down to the office the next day, for instance and do the paperwork at a more convenient time.  Or many times, we can email or fax you the required forms to make it even easier if you choose.  If you have a debit card or credit card handy and can pay the full 15% premium upfront and the defendant is working and has stable local residence, you are usually preapproved.  It’s really pretty simple.  Phone bail is usually only available on bail amounts less than $10,000 and to clients living locally in Southern Nevada.  However, each situation is different and we are able to approve some bonds that do not meet that criteria.  Please call and see if you qualify!

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